Dry cleaning staff

Here at Ideal Dry Cleaners we believe it can be pretty tough to find the right sort of company to do the best job of cleaning your garments. With so many other dry cleaning companies closing down recently, both locally McKenzie Dry Cleaners, Borough Road, Middlesbrough and nationally with Johnsons dry Cleaners and all their Middlesbrough dry cleaners, Johnson Cleaners at Corporation Road, Roman Road and Stokesley Road, Marton Shops, qall closed dowm,  we have good reason to believe we’re one of the best – if you consider we’re the only North Eastern dry cleaning company to be named “Dry Cleaner of the Year”, we’ve got some evidence of that! As a company, we have been established since 1969, and offering brilliant dry cleaning services to the Teesside area, including Stockton, Hartlepool, Darlington, Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle ever since! 

We provide specialist dry cleaning services for wedding dresses, and also large stage curtains. Both of these things can be awkward to clean (that’s why we do it for you!), but also quite difficult to transport, because of this, we at Ideal Dry Cleaners offer to come and collect your item for dry cleaning, and then deliver it right back to you, completely free of charge! 

Here’s an example of why we think we’re the best option for having your wedding dress dry cleaned:

The weather in Britain isn’t brilliant, we all know that! Many couples opt to get married abroad because of this, taking a select few of their family members and friends along with them to enjoy the special day and the celebrations afterwards. Of course, not everyone can afford to go abroad to celebrate someone’s wedding with them, so many people will have a second wedding reception when they get back home so more of their friends and family can celebrate with them.
Your wedding dress can be one of the most special parts of your wedding, so of course you’ll want to wear it for both of your celebrations, right? You’re not going to want to have your wedding dress dry cleaned while you’re abroad – what if it isn’t ready by the time you need to leave for your flight home? At Ideal Dry Cleaners, we offer a great service for cleaning wedding dresses. We’ll come and collect it from you, and within a few days we can have it delivered right back to you, good as new and ready for your second celebration! You’ll be able to focus on getting your party ready, and we’ll focus on getting your dress clean again. 

Alongside specialising in dry cleaning; we also specialise in boxing and preserving wedding dresses, so if you’d simply like to have your dress cleaned after your wedding day to put away and save – perhaps to renew your vows, or to give to a child when they come to get married, we can do that for you, too! The collection and delivery being free still apply, although a minimum order may be applicable so have a look at that!  

Have a look through the website at our services, and get in contact if you’d like to discuss anything further!