Treasure your most important wedding memento

The wedding party is over and you have enjoyed your honeymoon, sorted the photos and thanked all your friends and family for their generous gifts. What you have left from your big day are your memories, mementos and photos.

The most prized memento for every woman is of course the wedding dress. This is likely to be the most extravagant and most expensive dress you ever purchase and although it is unlikely you will wear it again, you will want to ensure that it is kept safe during the decades to come; maybe one day a daughter will want to use it for her own wedding?

Preserve Your Dress

Your dress is precious and needs some tender, loving care to ensure that it stands the test of time. Many women hang up their dress after their wedding, forgetting that their dress partied through the night on their wedding day and accumulated minor spillages and sweat, which although invisible at the time can lead to long-term stains.

Wedding dresses often contain a variety of different fibres, with satin, silk, taffeta, organza, tulle and crepe being present, along with many other fine details that can be damaged at a normal dry cleaners.

The solution is to dry clean your wedding dress. A dry cleaning process, when carried out by a skilled professional, can prevent damage occurring to the fine fabrics and help maintain your dress for the years to come.

At Ideal Dry Cleaners we specialise in cleaning and caring for your most precious garments. As well as cleaning your dress we also provide a preservation box that will maintain your dress in perfect condition for many years to come. You will never forget your big day.