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Why choose a wedding dress preservation box?

In short, wedding dress preservation boxes offer the best possible level of protection for your dress. By using our wedding dress preservation boxing service, you too can safely store your dress so you can relive the excitement and memories of your big day time after time for generations to come.

So, if you’re looking for a safe, beautiful and convenient storage option for your dress, then this is the service for you. Below you’ll find some information about the boxes we use and the benefits of using one to store your dress.

Wedding dress preservation box

Introducing our boxes…

Each preservation box is handmade here in the UK by skilled and talented artists using 100% recycled, specially milled, pH neutral board that prevents acid and alkali being absorbed into the fabrics. The boxes also allow the fabrics in your dress to breathe, all the while protecting from harmful light, dust and other debris. Coupled with layer upon layer of skilfully placed acid free tissue paper, it’s the safest way to preserve and store your dress. Dresses that are not properly cleaned and protected from these substances and other environmental factors can show signs of degradation over time, including discolouration, yellowing and spotting.

The boxes themselves are made from excellent quality, stiff board (rather than corrugated as you’d typically see) and do not flat pack. This means their design and structure is extremely sturdy, giving you a box that is designed to stand the test of time; and offers protection for the lifetime of your dress.

The finished design of the box is both beautifully classic and neutral, so it’s sure to compliment the style and colour of any wedding dress. We stock a wide variety of sizes to ensure we have the correct size box available to fit any dress style, size and type. Our wedding dress finishers use their expert discernment to select the most suitable size box for your dress.

Storing your wedding dress box…

While the boxes themselves offer the best level of protection possible for your dress, they are not indestructible. Your dress will be safely protected from common environmental factors such as sun exposure and dust particles, however it’s still really important that you choose the best place to store your wedding dress box once you get it back home. The decision is ultimately yours to make, however we recommend you choose a safe dry spot that isn’t on ground level (preferably a first or second floor). Underneath a bed, or inside a wardrobe are excellent choices for storing your wedding dress box. Although loft spaces seem a practical and convenient option, they can often be cold and damp so it’s best to avoid this area if you can.

Your wedding dress is in safe hands with us. Through our years of experience we have the knowledge needed to lovingly clean, preserve and protect your wedding dress for your future generations to enjoy!

Preservation box

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