Twelve Steps to One Beautifully Cleaned Dress

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Below is a step by step guide to our delicate cleaning process, so you know exactly what to expect when you choose us to clean your wedding dress:

When you call us, we will ask you a few questions about your wedding dress. These may include questions as to the designer, colour, particular soil/stains on the dress, any damage we need to be aware of etc. We will then arrange a collection date.

Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to go ahead, we will arrange a convenient date and time to collect your wedding dress from your home or place of work. You will be given a collection receipt for your records and will be given an estimated delivery date. (Please note we cannot guarantee an exact date for delivery. You will be given an estimation to the number of weeks as to when we expect the process to be complete on collection.)

When your dress first arrives at our wedding dress cleaning salon, we carry out a thorough inspection of your dress, making note of any significant details and documenting any notes needed for the cleaning process. We also inspect your dress for any damage you may have missed and photograph it for your reference before we begin the cleaning process.
Before we begin cleaning your dress, we will pre-treat spots and stains to help maximise the cleaning result once it has been thoroughly cleaned. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will remove 100% of stains from your dress. This can be largely due to the type of stain/fabric. Although every effort will be made to reduce the appearance of stains, some may remain visible. If we are unable to fully remove a stain we will inform you upon delivery. Please see our best results policy for more information.
Using our state of the art cleaning techniques, we clean your dress using our high tech hydro cleaning methods to gently deep clean all the fibres of your wedding dress, all the while protecting each delicate detail such as lace, sequins and beads.
Once your dress has been through the cleaning process, your dress will be examined carefully to make sure we are satisfied with the cleaning results. At this stage, if appropriate, we will carefully re-treat any remaining stains to minimise their appearance. We never overdo the treating of a stain as this can have damaging effects to the fabric, which we must make a priority.
Your wedding dress is then hung off the floor from a height to allow gravity to smooth the fabric and re-set the shape of your dress. This has two benefits, one, it allows any residual moisture to escape and two, minimises the amount of steam pressing needed. This both freshens the fabric and reduces the need for heat to remove creases.
Steam pressing is used to remove any remaining visible creases in your wedding dress to achieve the crispiest, cleanest overall finish. We steam your dress while it’s still hanging to help the creases drop out naturally when steam is applied. Steam pressing has added benefits where it helps remove any remaining odour causing bacteria, which keeps your dress fresh and clean.
Once carefully steamed, your wedding dress undergoes another inspection to ensure we haven’t missed anything. We examine each section of your dress to ensure we have achieved the best cleaning results for your wedding dress. If you have chosen our clean only service, we then carefully place your dress into a brand new wedding dress protective bag ready for delivery.
If you have chosen our boxing preservation service, your dress will then be expertly folded and layered with acid free tissue paper and placed carefully into the wedding dress preservation box. The bodice details of the dress are thoughtfully arranged and displayed facing the opening lid so when you lift the lid, you can gently peel back the tissue paper encasing your dress and enjoy viewing your dress neatly displayed and protected, for years to come.
We carry out one final quality inspection of your dress to ensure we are happy with the finished results and prepare your newly cleaned wedding dress for delivery back to you.
Your wedding dress will then be hand delivered back to you (either your home address or place of work) by a member of our team. We believe in making sure your dress is cared for every step of the way, that’s why we will never use courier services for wedding dress collections or deliveries. We then give you a brief explanation of how the cleaning process of your dress went; and explain in detail the results we achieved. We also show you the dress without removing it from its bag or box before handing it back over to you.
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